Dreamcatcher Saga Act 1

My first step in the dreamcatcher creation process is the preparation of the ring. I have to remove all of the old hemp and sand it down to get it ready for the wire. Here is the before:

Removing old hemp knotted around a steel ring. Simple right? Nope. not in the slightest. The knots were quite simple so my first instinct was to turn on a good movie and just sit there and unwind it.

Lesson 1: Old hemp tightens up on itself and becomes nearly impossible to unwind.

After struggling for about 10 minutes (short attention span) I decide to attempt cutting the hemp from the ring. I figured if I made a cut every couple of inches and knots would unwind much more easily.

Lesson 2: Old hemp sheds sharp little threads as its bent and the fibers break. These are itchy and impossible to get off of your skin and clothes.

Now I am itchy and getting a bit frustrated only having removed about 4 inches from the perimeter of the ring. I have an epiphany. The firs pit out on the porch is just big enough for the ring to fit in. The hemp, being so old, is probably pretty flammable eh? So I take the super long lighter and the ring outside after dousing myself with mosquito repellent. I place the ring in the pit and begin to light the hemp in multiple places around the ring.

Lesson 3: Old hemp is EXTREMELY non flammable due to the oil build up but smells like cheap burnt hot dogs.

This picture was after holding the flame to it for quite some time.

Now the ring is charred in a few places, smells like poo and still has all the damn hemp on it. So I bring it back in to the AC and fall back to the cutting and unwinding method described earlier. Forty-five minutes, tons of little hemp hairs and sore black fingers later and I have finished! The ring is free!! Very exciting times. Now I must go in search of the wire I have envisioned….

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