Modern Dreamcatcher

A dear friend of mine who is liquidating his belongings presented me with what was remaining of a macrame table his first love made back in the 60’s. All that is left is a 3ft steel ring with some of the old rotting rope knotted around the ring. I immediately thought “Dreamcatcher!” I’ve never actually made one, but I love the idea as well as the aesthetics of them. I promptly placed the ring in my trunk very pleased with the idea of my new project.

Fast forward 4 years. I’m ashamed to say that said ring has been through 3 moves and still has the tattered hemp wrapped around it. For the last few years I have not had the creative push to work on my projects as I would like to. Something recently has clicked and now it’s on! I feel as though I’ve solved all of the artistic questions I had mulling around in my brain and all of the projects that has been dormant are exploding out of the top of my head! Never enough time to do anything!!

I have finally begun on my modern dreamcatcher and the progress is extremely pleasing. I have a tendency to get sidetracked and not finish a project I have started once I figure out ‘the problem’ at hand. I am going to document my progress on here in hope I will be more inclined to carry it out to the finish.

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